Quick Food Blogging Tips

Food Blogging Tips in 60 Seconds or Less!

5 Blog Post Titles to Drive Traffic to Your Food Blog

You only have 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention.

When a potential visitor gets thousands of search engine results, you need to make sure that your blog post title is the one that grabs their attention.

Here are five food blog post title ideas to do just that:

  • Frame up your blog post as a numbered list (e.g. 5 Ways to Prepare Tofu or The 8 Best Soup Recipes for Winter)
  • Offer up something special or scarce (e.g. The Secret to Sourdough Starter)
  • Create a “How To” or “Guide To” post (e.g. How To Roll Sushi)
  • Offer up your mistakes (e.g. Baking Substitutes to Avoid)
  • Answer a burning question (e.g. What’s the Healthiest Way to Prepare Broccoli)

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