Going Vegan? Get Started Here

Going Vegan? Get Started Here

Are you considering adopting a vegan lifestyle? Are you wondering about the health reasons for going vegan, the environmental reasons for eating a plant-based diet or how to cook and enjoy vegan food?

Learn How to Cook Amazing Vegan Meals

When I first began transitioning a plant-based diet (read more about my journey on my About Me page) I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know the difference between having a vegan diet versus a plant-based diet. Many vegan-friendly ingredients were new to me. Most important, I didn’t even fully understand why I wanted to switch to a vegan diet.

In retrospect, I realize that I expected too much too soon and that I put too high of a price on perfection. Going vegan is a major lifestyle change and, frankly, the vegan culture can be very daunting. As I learned more about a vegan diet, the benefits (both physical and environmental) of adopting a plant-based lifestyle and how to cook vegan food, I was better able to answer my all-important question: why should I go vegan. Or, perhaps better put, why should I strive everyday to go vegan?

Your Questions Answered

To assist you in making the decision — to whatever degree you decide — to go vegan, I’ve put together this Vegan for Beginners page. It explores basic questions like:

  • What does it mean to be vegan?
  • Is there a difference between plant-based and vegan?
  • Which books are helpful to read when you’re considering going vegan?
  • What are the benefits of being a vegan?
  • Can you recommend the best vegan recipes to start with when you’re a beginner vegan?

It is my hope that these articles will prove helpful to you as you approach the question of how to adopt a new lifestyle for yourself.

I appreciate your feedback! If you have a question, please drop it in the comments below or email it to me at eat@herbivoreskitchen.com.

Going Vegan? Get Started with These Articles

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