Vegucation: Learn to Cook Amazing Vegan Meals

Vegucation: Learn to Cook Amazing Vegan Meals

Welcome to my Vegan Cooking Education Center where I’ll help you learn how to cook amazing vegan meals and adopt a vegan lifestyle!

When I first started my journey into learning how to cook vegan meals, I realized one thing right away: there was a whole universe of vegan-friendly ingredients that I had never heard of before. I was a complete newbie. I approached tofu with caution. And I had never tried tempeh or baked with chia seeds let alone heard of rejuvalac. Most definitely, I was overwhelmed but I also really wanted to learn to cook amazing vegan meals.

Vegucation: Get Educated on Vegan Cooking So That You Can Make Amazing Vegan Meals

I’m really comfortable with vegan ingredients now that I am a few years in. Sure, there are plenty of things that I am still learning, but these days I find it much easier to revise a traditional recipe into a vegan meal. And I want you to feel the same way about transitioning to a vegan diet. I hope that you’ll find the information here in Vegucation to be helpful as you start your own journey into making amazing vegan meals.

The Basics: Getting Ready to go Vegan?

Vegucation: Get to Know the Vegan Ingredients Used to Make Amazing Vegan Meals

Do you want to learn more about all of the vegan ingredients that contribute to amazing vegan meals? In the following section, I explore a variety of different vegan-friendly ingredients. I’ll talk about:

  • The health benefits of each ingredient
  • How to prepare each ingredient in vegan cooking
  • How to shop and store each ingredient

Let’s get started!